1. Return & Refund on physical product

1.1. Any physical product can be returned in 14 days period after item was purchased.
1.2. You can return only item in unused condition, in case you have:
  • Original packaging
  • No signs of item was in use (no scuffs, scratches, stains, cracks, chips)
  • All item documents including warranty and product bill
1.3. To initiate return procedure - you have to contact us through support form on our website. Your appeal will be reviewed, and we will provide you with shipping info for item return delivery.
1.4. All expenses for return shipping from customer to us is paid by buyer.
1.5. Funds can be returned at the choice of the buyer, either to the balance of his account, or by the same payment method as the purchase was made. If it is impossible to use a similar payment method, a refund is possible by any other available method.
1.6. Funds are returned after checking the goods, if the unused condition is preserved. Maximum - within 10 days after the seller receives the goods.

2. Returning virtual goods

2.1. If the opposite is not indicated on the page of the virtual product, virtual products cannot be returned.

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