About game

Space fishing is an online fishing game where you have to explore Space to fish in the most unusual places, from simple rivers and lakes to volcanoes and caves.

Here is waiting for you

Constant bite, here you do not have to wait for hours lonely bites, fish is always caught

Nice atmosphere, all locations are varied both externally and by its inhabitants

Many tasks, interesting and well-developed dialogues that are not will make you bored

Find a variety of treasures, the game has a well-developed system character development and fishing rods

What's not in the game?

Radiation, fatigue, food - you do not need to monitor unnecessary indicators, constantly thinking what is needed eat or take a break. Space fishing is a whole new approach to fishing simulator games.

Broken fishing rods, reels, torn woods - forget about the repair in your game waiting only fishing rod with where you start the game, and it stays with you forever, it can not be broken, throw it away, just You play for fun.

Cage - in the game there is no cage, because it is not much use once you get money after being caught fish that allows you to fish in any quantity, but not to run to sell of 10 pieces.

Bait - no need to keep track of a huge number of bait and look some fish on it catch, there are only 3 types of bait in the game and one of them is endless, here you are just bombarded and never know what kind of fish you catch right now, and maybe it does not fish!


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